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Paintings made by me, Joni Kling.

I often work on canvas or directly on wood and I make al my frames by hand. For more information, a studio visit

or inquiries contact me by email.

2022 = "Cyber Warrior" - Acrylic on wood, fluor yellow frame.

2022 - "untitled" - Two figures in a frame black and white acrylic on wood black frame SOLD

2022 - "Nightlife Dynamics" - Acrylic on linnen canvas SOLD

2022 - "Duo" - Acrylic on canvas on wood, ultramarine blue frame

2022 - "Imaginairy Dancefloor" -  Acrylic on canvas

2021 - "Body Language" - Acrylic on canvas on wood. Black frame.SOLD

2021 - "Nature or Nurture" - Acrylic on canvas on wood. Yellow frame. SOLD

2021 - "Playing House" - Acrylic on canvas on wood. Yellow frame. 

2021 - "Selfportrait" - Acrylic and spray paint on wood. Black frame. SOLD

2020 - "untitled" - Acrylic, marker and spraypaint on canvas. SOLD

2020 - "Blue" - Acrylic and marker on canvas. SOLD

2020 - "Garden of Delight" - Acrylic and marker on canvas. SOLD

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