Museum for architecture, design and digital culture.

Through its activities Het Nieuwe Instituut aims to increase the appreciation of the cultural and social significance of architecture, design and digital culture and to strengthen the interaction between these disciplines.

Het Nieuwe Instituut stands for the social and innovative value of culture. A visitor to Het Nieuwe Instituut enters, as it were, ‘the museum of the future’. In Het Nieuwe Instituut visitors are provoked and confronted with questions that are maybe not of today, but are certainly of tomorrow. In other words, Het Nieuwe Instituut is true to its name: what it shows is ‘new’ and will eventually be picked up by other national and international organisations. 

For the "NEUHEHAUSE"  exhibition opening at Het Nieuwe Instituut STUDIO KLING collaborated with Jetti Steffers and LOGOCOMO, together they form the collective "The Amazones". 

They created a full ambient experience in one area inspired by the neuehause movement. 

STUDIO KLING designed slow moving visuals throughout the whole area. She and LOGOCOMO created birdlike costumes which by movement formed a surreal sight. To make the whole concept complete, Jetti Steffers curated the music and played mystical ambient music during the whole night. 



This secret location in the heart of Amsterdam has been the stage for many amazing theater dinners, international product presentations and music presentations, congresses, events, and loving theater performances.

House of GHOD is a performance collective from Rotterdam. They create a variety of performances to glow up your event.

TOBACCO THEATER invited HOUSE OF GHOD and STUDIO KLING to make a performance for the launch of a Greek beer brand. 

For this particular event STUDIO KLING created 3 greek inspired images which were projected over the performers as a backdrop to merge in. 

HOUSE OF GHOD designed the costumes and choreography.



For their five year anniversary Club BAR ROTTERDAM invited STUDIO KLIND and LOGOCOMO to organize a performance.

STUDIO KLING designed a mural which is inspired by every day BAR life. 

This mural was used as a backdrop for the surprise performance during the club night.

LOGOCOMO designed the costumes and together they made the head ornaments.  

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